29 May 2009

The Evolution of Betty

I have more photos of my maternal Grandmama, Betty Huyler Albea, than of anyone else in my family tree. Thanks to her mother's photo albums, I can see my Grandmama as she grew. This is especially unique because she was very averse to having her picture taken, especially as she grew older.

Here's a photographic timeline of my Grandmama:

Ruby & Betty Huyler

Betty Huyler
(c. 1932)

Betty Huyler
(c. 1932)

Betty Huyler

Betty Huyler

Betty Huyler
(c. 1942)

Betty Huyler
(c. 1945)

Betty Huyler

(c. 1947)



roy & betty 1992

my family

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Ruby Craft said...

I remember when the 2003 picture was taken. I had to convince Mama to come have her picture taken. I told her we wanted a picture with everyone in it and she would not be alone. She agreed to the picture but as you can see she was not very happy about it. When she was in the hospital I talked to her about how much she cherished the pictures she had of her mother and she agreed and with a smile said "OK Ruby, when I get out of the hospital I'll let you have your memories" agreeing to be better about having her picture taken. Neither one of us realized that she would never going home from the hospital. I will always have my memories of my Mama and cherish the photos I have of her. More than that I will remember the way she smiled when I said something to cheer her, or the way she laughed when she was happy. These are things that just didn't show in my mother's photos once she left childhood but I'll cherish them in my heart forever.


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