10 November 2013

My Limited Travels

     There's a meme going around Facebook right now featuring this map.  You can customize it to reflect your travels.  Many of the maps I've seen shared amongst fellow genealogists are much more colorful than my own!  Hopefully one day my map will be more colorful.

Color Key:

  • Red means I've just passed through, maybe seen a thing or two.
  • Amber means I've at least slept there and seen a few things. I have a first-hand idea of what the state is like.
  • Blue means I've spent a good amount of time in that state.
  • Green means I've spent a lot of time in that state, weeks at at time on multiple visits – or lived there.

1 comment:

Dannell Altman-Newell said...

It's a start at least! One of these days it will be a lot more colorful :)


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