11 November 2013

They're In the Army Now

Week 11 of the Book of Me, Written by You blog prompt series.

     This article, and others like it, appeared in The Hartwell Sun newspaper, of Hart County, Georgia.  Published on 3 Aug 1945, this article lists 57 men, "the largest group of men to leave Hart County in months," who had just been drafted into the army.  Included in this list is my Grandfather, Thomas Craft.  He served in Germany as a truck driver and, thankfully, return home a year later.

     The largest group of men to leave Hart County in months went to Ft. McPherson, Atlanta, Monday, where they are being inducted into the armed services.

     Names of the 57 white men are reported by the Local Draft Board as follows:
William C. Stowe,
Cleo Harris Sanders,
Dorsey Partain,
Pelzer H. Herring,
George Harper,
Charlie H. Sanders,
Inman E. Reed,
Lucius B. Alewine,
Thomas S. Craft,
James H. Estes,
Bernice T. McCurley,
Fay H. Cleveland,
Charles S. White,
George E. Hilley,
Charlie T. Pilgrim,
Joe G. Hailey,
Fred Y. Norton,
D. C. Phillips, Jr.,
Artis D. Ertzberger,
Frank H. Thrasher,
James M. Wicker,
Jack Cordell,
James V. Cantrell,
Thomas J. Bailey, Jr.,
Charles M. Cobb,
Robert A. Floyd,
Billy J. Floyd,
Howard W. Earwood,
Fletcher Dove,
Billy E. Clark,
Clifton Floyd, Jr.,
Herbert W. Maret,
Luther Thompson, Jr.,
J. B. Weaver, Jr.,
Beverly J. Bailey,
Charles L. Whitaker, Jr.,
Frank D. Pulliam,
Asa L. Childs,
Dwain E. Gurley,
Owen M. Teasley,
Dewey H. Beggs,
Kyle J. Crook,
James M. Brown, Jr.,
Early B. Sanders,
Edward D. Kesler,
Edgar W. Kay,
C. B. Alewine,
C. L. Brown, Jr.,
Hansel D. Cole,
Prue M. Banister, Jr.,
T. J. Carnes,
Leonard M. Seymour,
John E. Kelly,
Larry E. Senkbeil,
Herschel B. Sayer,
Harold R. Bailey,
Thomas H. Bowers.

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