27 April 2012

To Lead or To Be Led

    So far I have indexed over 1500 names for the 1940 Census. Those names are from a number of states, but many of them from Georgia. Aside from working on batches from Georgia, I have worked on the states given highest priority. It seems that a state is finished in about three days (or even less) once it's given "priority" status.  I'm hoping that any day now Georgia will be the highest priority state. Right now the priority is Louisiana.

     It seems to me that it's important to put at least half of my indexing effort toward the prioritized state, even if that state is of no interest to me. By concentrating on a specific state, volunteers can complete a state's index sooner. On the other hand, if everyone indexes only at random, it will take a lot more time to create even a single state index.

     What do you think? Focus on your own interest or work on the designated "priority" state?

1 comment:

Kristin said...

I have been plowing through Alabama. I tried to do Florida when it was a priority but it must have been completed as I got a no pages message.


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