19 April 2012

DNA Day & Sales

     The past few years genealogists and DNA enthusiasts have waited excitedly for National DNA Day, which falls on April 20th this year. Like many other "holidays," the excitement is often about the sales. The past two years I've purchased discounted DNA tests on DNA Day. I really shouldn't spend more money on DNA tests, but if the sales price is right...!

     I received an email from Family Tree DNA this afternoon that their sale started at 6pm (central) and will end at 11:59am on Saturday. The prices are their regular sales prices - nothing amazing, but still a good deal.

     Checking the 23andMe Facebook page, I was disappointed to learn that they are not planning to have a sale this year.  They said:
"Did you know that the first human genome took 13 years and $3 billion dollars to generate? Out of the budget! Today, however, your genome is accessible and affordable -- available online and for only $99 and a $9/month subscription. This year on DNA Day (April 22) we will celebrate accessibility and affordability of the genome and promote genetics education with our Genetics 101 tools; we will not be offering a discount to our $99/$9 price. Come visit www.23andme.com and learn about you!"
     Meh. The way I see it they should have offered a token offer of free shipping or $23 off (as they've done before).  Something.  They do know that their biggest competitor is having a sale, right?  That savvy consumers have saved up their money to buy a test on DNA Day?  What's to stop those consumers from buying from Family Tree DNA? They might have shot themselves in the foot by not having some sort of offer. I know that if I do buy a test this week it will be at a sales price.

     There's one other major company that I'm waiting to hear from: Ancestry.com.  Will they open up their new autosomal DNA test for National DNA Day?

     UPDATE: I ordered a Family Finder test from Family Tree DNA for my half-brother. I saved $90!


Anonymous said...

Agreed. End result is ftdna just got another $59 from me but i didnt buy anything new from 23andme.

Anonymous said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing..


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