31 March 2012

He Was Married Four Times to Two Women

     I'm doing a little bit of last minute 1940 Census prep research.  I have never been able to find my maternal grandmother's parents, Vary "Mack" Huyler and Ruby Waters, in the 1930 census.  They would be married less than a year later in Atlanta, Georgia, but I just can't find them.

     Thanks to city directories, I know exactly where Ruby will be found in 1940: living in Atlanta with her second husband.  But what about Mack? I know he left Ruby shortly after their daughter was born to "find work." He didn't return for 14 years. So where was he in 1940?

     I know from his social security application that he was in Augusta, Georgia in 1937. That's where I planned to look. But today I decided to do one last run through city directories to see if I could find a listing for him in a 1940 book. I didn't find him in 1940, but I did find him in 1939 - in Greensboro, North Carolina. With a wife. Surprise!

     Well, something of a surprise.  I know who Ruth was. She was Ruth Sexton, Mack's second wife... or third... or would that be fourth? I guess it depends on how you count. Based on the information I have, it now looks like she's both Mack's 2nd and 4th wife, with my Great-Grandmother Ruby Waters being his 1st and 3rd.  Mack was married four times, to two women.  Here's the timeline I can piece together:
mack & ruth huyler
  • Feb 1931 - Mack Huyler m. Ruby Waters, Atlanta (marriage certificate)
  • abt 1937 - Ruby Waters m. Cecil Whitfield (city directory)
  • by 1939 - Mack Huyler m. Ruth Sexton (city directory)
  • Dec 1947 - Mack Huyler m. Ruby Waters (bible record)
  • abt 1960 - Mack Huyler m. Ruth Sexton (obituary)
     I have evidence of a lot of marriages, but I don't have any official records. Even the first marriage between Ruby and Mack, I have a certificate but I haven't found an actual license (I assume the online database is incomplete and that microfilm in not available at the archive).  And what about divorces? Hopefully the couples were legally divorced...

     And hopefully Mack can still be found at 710 Railroad St for the 1940 census.  If so, he'll be in ED 41-58 in either block 313 or 314. Fingers crossed!

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Ruby Craft said...

My Grandmother, Ruby Huyler, passed away before I was born. I always remember Grandaddy "Mack" being married to Ruth. I knew Mama said she had went to visit her Daddy with Ruth at least once before her Mother, Ruby, and Father remarried.
Mama did say that Cecil was married to her mother but went off to fight during the war and when he returned from the war he wanted a divorce.


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