27 March 2012

They Were Closed, So We Got Donuts

     I went to the library this morning, only to find that the only branch of the Gwinnett County Library system that has microfilm records is closed. They have been closed since the beginning of February. And from information I managed to find on their Facebook page (yes, Facebook - their website doesn't give any dates), they don't plan to be finished until the fall. And it doesn't appear that they moved the microfilm to another branch. Seriously? This kinda sucks.

     I was very disappointed, so I went and got a bunch of donuts.


Ruby Craft said...

And Yummy donuts they are too! Very frustrating about the library though.

Amanda said...

The library's website indicates the "only microfilm reader in the county" will be moved to another branch (Collins Hill), but the AskGCPL service also says (as of March 9) "We hope to restore access to the microfilm reader and our microfilm collection in the near future. However, where and when this reactivation will take place has not yet been decided.

We invite library users interested in using the microfilm reader to send us their email addresses or telephone numbers, and the library will contact you directly when more concrete information becomes available."

I'm wondering if they are having some problems with that one and only reader. I know we have three ancient ones at my (university) library and they are getting harder and harder to maintain. We bought a ScanPro system that works with a computer, but it was expensive (I believe the Friends bought it for us) and it's not perfect either.

Unknown said...

Now I want a donut!

Amy Coffin, MLIS said...

Bummer that the library was closed, but those donuts look pretty darn good.


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