08 May 2011

Tracing the Women

     It's mother's day, a day designed to honor moms for all that they do for us. (Thanks mom!) And with all of the DNA testing I've been doing lately, mother's day puts me in mind of mtDNA tests. These tests trace straight back through the female line. [If you are confused about the different types of DNA tests available, I highly recommend that you check out the webinars at relativeroots.net]

     My direct maternal line is:

  • Betty Huyler - 1931-2005, GA
  • Ruby Waters - 1911-1953, GA
  • Louise Smith - 1881-1949, GA
  • Rachel Garmon - 1850-1915, GA
  • Martha Yancy - 1820-aft 1850, GA
  • Mary (Smith?) - abt 1790-aft 1860, SC
     Any female, directly descended from one of these women, directly through women, will have the same mtDNA as I do.  My mtDNA test results are:
  • HVR1 Differences:
    • 16189C
    • 16192T
    • 16256T
    • 16270T
    • 16291T
    • 16399G
  • HVR2 Differences:
    • 73G
    • 263G
    • 309.1C
    • 315.1C
     These results place me in the U5 haplogroup, likely the U5a1b1 sub clade, which I think is a Northern European haplogroup. I'd like to do the FGS test, but it's pretty expensive... one day!

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