03 May 2011

I'm Oldest!

     My mom likes to tell a story about how my twin sister and I once came home from daycare asking to see our birth certificates. She didn't know what had prompted this, but pulled out our birth certificates to show us. She was very surprised when suddenly I cried "I'm oldest!" Apparently, the daycare teachers had asked us who was oldest, which we didn't know. They told us to look at our birth certificates for the time listed there. I was born at 10:04 AM, while Sarah was born at 10:05 AM (c-section).

     Some years later we all needed birth certificates to take a cruise. We ordered them from the Vital Records Department. Having heard the "who's oldest" story so many times - but not remembering the actual event - I was confused as to why we didn't already have them. I just assumed that they had been lost and didn't think about it.

     A few more years later, I realized that I had been looking at two different birth certificates. The first was a commemorative hospital certificate, while the second was a legal birth certificate. I recently remembered to ask my mom if she still had the hospital certificate (yes, reminded by recent current events).  She pulled mine and my sister's out, as well as my brother Bicentennial Baby certificate. Here are some images from the certificates:


Some Guy said...

So . . . you two are not from Kenya?


Amy Coffin said...

Love those little baby feet.


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