01 May 2011

Albea DNA - Results

     In order to try and find the origins of the Albea / Alby family name, I asked my uncle to take a DNA test. I purchased a 37 marker Y-DNA test for him from Family Tree DNA in February.

     The test results are in and my uncle has been placed in the the R1b1a2 Haplogroup. It appears that this group is very predominant in Western Europe. I added my uncle to the R1b group on FTDNA, and took their advice to purchase a deep clade test ($89). This test might be able to pinpoint a more specific region of origin (celtic, germanic, etc).

     Right now I don't have any surname matches, nor any exact matches after 12 markers. I encourage any male with the surname Albea - Alby, Albee, Aulby, Albey, Allbee - to take a DNA test and compare results. Information can be found here: Albea Surname Group.


cathy said...

good day Ms Valierie,
My name is Cathy Albea, and I have some more information on the Albea family. My father in law was name Johnny Glenn Albea, born Feb 6,1926 died June 23, 1988.
married Audrey Louise Gasque albea, died July 17, 1948. they had one child,Johnny Glenn Jr. born on May 23,1948. I love that you are doing this. We are moving back to Greenwood,SC sometime in May. My Husband Glenn is going thru Rectal cancer, An he is cancer free Praise god! Look forward in corresponding with ya'll Have an awesome day!! Cathy

Valerie Craft said...


Your husband and my mom are 2nd Cousins. I'm very glad to hear that your husband is now cancer free, I can't imagine how difficult that must have been to go through.

I'm glad that you have found my research. It hasn't been easy and it makes it worthwhile to know that other's enjoy it.

Do you know if Glenn might be interested in taking a DNA test and joining the project?


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