16 July 2010

Frank's Estate Sale, Pt 3

This is page three of my GGG-Grandfather, Frank E Leaphart, consisting of a wide range of household items. I find the sword to be rather interesting - I wonder what it looked like?


Picher standP. H. Craps1.05
sundreesMariah Taylor
swordJ. W. Jumper.55
shot gunW. T. Jumper4.25
H. L. Price1.00
CandlestickMariah Taylor.25
Pair scissorsJ. E. Taylor.15
Piggin, +c
Sarah Je*fair.30
Copper ware, +cJohn Shill.20
seiveJohn Shill.30
ChurnA. D. J. Hays.45
wool & basketJohn Shill.10
A. D. J. Hayes10.25
A. D. J. Hayes8.50
BlanketA Wingard resold
quiltA. D. J. Hayes1.50
CardsJ. E. Leapheart1.00
Bed & BedsteadJ. W. Jumper14.50
LoomRebecca Seay3.25
Bed & BedsteadMariah Taylor6.00
Bed & BedsteadLeonard Keisler10.00
 " " " " 
W. T. Jumper7.00
CradleJ. E. Leapheart.25
Table ClothJohn Craps.30
Desk & ClothLemule Keisler1.10
TableSarah Jumper.50
Capt Griffith.50
spinning wheelMariah Taylor4.00
ClockJ. W. Jumper2.00
Coffee MillJ. E. Leapheart.10
2JarrsJ. E. Leapheart1.90
" "Mariah Taylor1.25
" " 
J. E. Leapheart1.50
5JugsJ. E. Leapheart1.00
5ChairsP. H. Craps2.00
" "
L. Craut2.50
John *2.05
15Woolpr * 32 AR. H. Leapheart5.76

See an image of this page here, reproduced from microfilm in South Carolina Department of Archives and History, Columbia, S. C. Lexington County Estate, Box 17, Pg 3, FR 273-368. Estate File of F. E. Leaphart, E1965.

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