24 November 2009

Supporting Documents (Hello DAR series)

So, I've sent off for a record copy of a previously submitted DAR application for my patriot ancestor, Daniel Boatwright. I'd like to be able to use this application to submit my own application. I can see that this lineage follows through at least the three oldest generations of my own lineage. I'll be able to use this previous research to aid my application because my lineage "has already been proven by the DAR."

In general, I need to be able to prove every fact that I record for my application. So, if I say 'A' is the father of 'B,' I need a document to prove that. Here's the documentation that I have for individuals in the direct line:
  • Me: Birth Certificate
  • My Dad: Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate
    • My Mom: Birth Certificate
  • Sarah F. Britt: Birth Affidavit, Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate, Census
    • Thomas S. Craft: Birth Affidavit & Amended Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, Census
  • S. Ledora Barfield: Death Certificate, Marriage Record, Census
    • Nathan Britt: Death Certificate, Census
  • S. Frances Boatright: Death Certificate, Marriage Record, Census
    • William Barfield: none
Stephen & Dora Logue Boatright - marriage
  • Stephen T. Boatright: Death Certificate, Marriage Record, Census, Record Copy
    • M. Dora Logue: Census
  • Reubin Boatright: Census, Record Copy
    • Demaris Rich: Census
  • Daniel Boatright: Record Copy
    • Margaret Brasswell: Book information, Land lottery
So, I think that I'm set for the most part (?). You can see many of the documents here. Anything in the last thee generations that I don't have a record for will be proven by the pre-existing application. I'm not sure exactly how that works, but I've been told that I can use it as proof.

The only person that I do not have documentation for is William Barfield, who married into the family. I have documentation for him from his marriage on, but nothing to show who his parents were - because I really don't know who they were. But, I don't think that will effect my application. I'd also like to send for Dora Logue Boatright's death certificate. I don't believe it's necessary, but I should have it for my records anyway.

In the next post, I'll talk abut the information I have on my patriot ancestor and his wife.


Sheri said...

Do you have a death certificate for William Barfield? How about a photo of his tombstone? For him, you just need to provide documentation of his birth date and place and death date and place if you enter that information on your application. DAR doesn't need any other info since he is not who your line goes through.

DAR has the line verified through Stephen Boatwright and his wife. You need to prove that Frances is the daughter of Stephen, ledora is the daughter of Frances, etc. on down to you.

From the information you have provided so far - you are good to go! Contact the registrar for the DAR chapter in your area and she will assist you in completing the application.


Valerie C. said...

I do have a photo of his tombstone with complete dates.

He should have a death certificate, as he died after they were required. However, I have looked at multiple indexes and all 1924 GA death certificates online at the GA Archive and there doesn't seem to be one for him. It's possible there's an indexing error or a strange name spelling error...


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