25 November 2009

Kindle 2.3 Upgrade Helps Genealogy Research

Kindle PDF support Yesterday I upgraded my Kindle from firmware version 2.0.3 to version 2.3. This upgrade offers quite a few new useful updates for me in regards to my Genealogy research.

First, my Kindle now support PDF documents, a format regularly used in genealogy publication. Previously, a PDF document appeared jumbled and messy, often missing parts of the document. If there were photos and charts, they would appear sporadically or as blank shapes. Now, PDFs appear just as they do on a computer screen.

Second, my Kindle now supports landscape view. This is handy in viewing PDFs, as there is no zoom and the text cannot be resized. This will also come in handy with viewing websites, or as simply another way to read books. Button placement is a bit awkward in landscape mode though.

So, now I'll load my genealogy PDFs onto my Kindle, such as The Best of the Photo Detective by Maureen A. Taylor and Citations Quick Reference from geneabloggers.com. I can now use these documents, whereas before they were illegible. I hope Amazon keeps on sending out helpful upgrades like these.

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