29 November 2009

SNGF - Look-a-likes

For this week's fun, Randy has given us a mission to use myheritage.com's facial recognition tools to see what famous folks we look like. I decided to use what is possibly my most very favorite of all my family photos, one of my Grandmama, Betty Huyler Albea.

Betty Huyler
I'm not sure why I love this photo so much. I never though of my grandmama as she appears in this photo. Here she is absolutely gorgeous in a very classic way. As a child, I never thought of her in terms of "pretty" - she was just grandmama. But now I can see her when she was young and see that she was beautiful.

She's also rather young in this photo, but is dressed up with makeup and stylish hair. I assume that this photo was taken after she was married (age 15). I know she once got in trouble with her grandmother Lou for wearing nail polish, so I don't think the lipstick would have gone over well either.

Also, I'm drawn in by the expression on her face. It's an expression that seems older than she is. She didn't have it easy as a child and was always a very practical, tell it like it is, don't ignore it because it's not happy, sort of person.

Also, she didn't like having her photo taken, so this is the only real portrait (non-snapshot) of her as an adult.

But I digress, the mission was to find famous folks who look like our photo. So, here she is (I think these are pretty good picks).

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Ruby Craft said...

I love this picture of your Grandmama too. It was taken in a photo booth. You know the ones that prints 4 or 5 pictures in a stip. Your Grandmama said they had one in the cafe/drugstore near where they lived. I think the picture was taken sometime right before she married. The fingernail polish had something to do with teaching her to make biscuits until her Grandmother saw the polish on her fingers and had a fit. That polish was not going into her biscuit dough!
I just don't see any resemblance to Audrey Tautou. But I think the nose is what they are picking up on. I think the picture of Romy is close and maybe Drew.


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