02 January 2013

As the Tree Grows

     The family tree is growing: I'm going to be an aunt! My sister, Sarah, and her husband, Ryan, are going to have a baby.  I'm excited to become an aunt and I'm also very excited to talk about names.

     It's still a little early, but I love names! There's already one name picked out: if the baby is a boy, his middle name will be Thomas. This is our paternal Grandfather's name, Ryan's middle name and his mother's maiden hame.

     I decided to go through our family tree and find more names of genealogical significance. These are names that I like or sorta-like, and which are not names of living people. These might not be the best choices of all possible names, but are just the best names in our family tree (in my opinion).  Also, I don't like super-popular names, so I've excluded some names I really like because they're so popular right now.

MiloThe name of Ryan's Great-
Great Grandfather

Anderson - A popular middle name          
on our side of the family       

Tucker - The city our dad grew          
up in     

Alexander - The surname of our 
Great-Great Grandmother

Leila - Our Great-Great 

Margaret - Commonly found on both 
sides of the family

Dora - Our 3x Great Grandmother's
name, also our Great-Grandmother,

Caroline - Our family has deep roots
in both South and North Carolina

     And just for the heck of it, here are some genealogically based names that I would not recommend:


Stephanie said...

Oh yay! Congratulations on getting to be an Auntie and congrats to them, too!

Great names! Add Greenberry to the "no" list. :)

Linda McCauley said...

Congrats to Sarah and to Ruby! I highly recommend aunt-hood.


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