25 June 2012

Return to Sender

Edith Fellows

     Back in March I wrote about some personal letters of actress and step-cousin, Edith Fellows.  With only a slight connection to her, I thought that there might be more immediate relatives who would like to have the letters.

     Based on information I received from my aunt, I knew the name of her daughter and son-in-law and I was able to confirm this information on IMDB.com, a movie database website.  Since Edith's daughter and grandaughter are both actresses, I was able to follow a "family tree" on IMDB. I was then able to find Edith's granddaughter, Natalie, on Facebook.  A few days and a few messages later, Edith's letter's were in the mail and on their way back to her family.

     Although this example is a little different, it shows that there are other resources for genealogists, than those created explicitly for genealogy.

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