15 June 2012

New on Ancestry.com: National Cemetery Interment Control Forms

     I noticed a great new database on ancestry.com this morning: U.S. National Cemetery Interment Control Forms, 1928-1962.

     I have two uncles buried in national cemeteries during this time period, and was excited to find out just what information the database would supply.  I found one of the uncles and did not find the other (who abandoned his family and was never heard of again). This is pretty disappointing because there is a lot of great information on these cards that I would have loved to see for this particular black sheep.

     Below you can see the card for my Great-Uncle by marriage, Joe Funston. I already knew a lot about him, but I learned a little more today: his army serial number, dates of service, service details, and his address when he died. Other things I already knew include birth and death dates, rank, birth and death dates, burial location, etc.  I also see that there is a plot reserved for his widow, though she declined to use it and is buried elsewhere with her father.


S. Lincecum said...

Great information! Thanks for pointing this out.

Mavis said...

Valerie, great information and thanks for pointing this out. Thanks to you I was finally able to determine when one of my grand uncles died.

Andrea Kelleher said...

This certainly is great information. I have to go and check this out. Thanks!


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