12 February 2012

Dr McDonald's DNA Analysis

     Yesterday I sent an email to Dr McDonald (jdmcdona@illinois.edu), a former professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I found his information on a number of DNA message boards that recommended him as a source of admixture evaluation. I sent him my ftDNA family finder data and here's what I received in return:
"Most likely fit is 100% English (Western Europe)which is 100% total EuropeThe location error = 0.007091 with 1 group 
The following are possible populations,most likely at the top:
The following are possible population sets and their fractions,most likely at the topEnglish= 1.000 
but with a bit ( 0.3%) of Native American and 0.6% African.This are small but strong and likely real."
     I also received this chart, which looks practically identical to my 23andMe chart (I had sent in my ftDNA data, as they do not provide a chart like this). You can see the African and American segments. I think this analysis shows that these segments, found by two different tests, are not just "static." I suppose I should send in my parents' results to confirm which side of my family the segments come from.


Leah said...

I sent my parents 23andMe results into Dr. McDonald some months ago and what he sent back was very interesting. They were certainly the most detailed admixture results I received from all the additional tests I had done (beyond 23andMe).

Susan Clark said...

He's been so helpful to so many. He provided a very useful analysis of my father's sample.

I'd certainly send him your parent's results. How interesting it will be to work on these results!

Kristin said...

Very interesting. I think I will send him my results and my paternal aunts results and see what he sends me.


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