13 February 2012

Two Degrees of Genealogical Separation

     I'm a little late on this, but yesterday's 'Saturday Night Genealogy Fun' theme was 'Two Degrees of Seperation.' The challenge was to see how far back you can connect with an ancestor by just two degrees, as in "you knew an ancestor, who knew another ancestor."

     I only met one of my Great-Grandparents, Ruth Evans Craft, who lived from 1902 to 1999. I believe that I only met her once or twice as a very young child, and I have only a vague memory of it: a little gray-haired lady in a wheel chair between picnic tables.  A few years ago I saw this photo, which matched my memory exactly. It was actually a kinda eerie find actually...

     So, I knew my Great-Grandmother, Ruth Evans Craft. She lived in Elbert and Hart Counties where her family had lived for generations, so she almost certainly knew any of her ancestors who were alive when she was. This would include her Great-Grandparents, her mother's mother's parents, Lewis McCurley and his wife Nancy Shiflet. Lewis lived from 1838 to 1910 and Nancy lived from 1834 to 1911.

     In two degrees of separations, I connect with my four times Great-Grandparents.

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