26 March 2011

How Many Surnames (SNGF)

     From Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings: How many surnames are in your family tree?

     This is an easy number to find in Reunion. On the file menu select "List" and click on "Last Names," choosing "All People." This will pop up a new window that details your surnames.

     I have 555 unique surnames in my family tree of 3148 people (an average of 5.6 people per surname). Of course, it's counting surname variations as different names 
(ex. Utz / Ouzts). My top surname is actually "Unknown," with 194 instances. Everyone in my tree has a surname, so if I don't know it, they are "Unknown."  Ignoring that, here are my surname stats:

Albea 99
Ouzts 87
White 80
Smith 56
Hyler 55
Belk 54
Taylor 52
Boatright 52
Quattlebaum 51

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