22 November 2010

Elizabeth Meetze Hyler Obituary - Amanuensis Monday

   The following is the obituary of Elizabeth Meetze Hyler, the wife of Nathan Washington Hyler of Lexington County, South Carolina.  It was published in The State newspaper on 7 June 1910.

Mrs. Elizabeth Hyler
Special to The State.
    Lexington, June 6 - Mrs. Elizabeth
Hyler, widow of Wash Hyler, and one
of the oldest residents of this county,
died at her home on Hollow Creek
this morning at 3 o'clock, having
reached the ripe old age of 84 years.
    Mrs. Hyler was one of the most
loved women of her community and
her death has caused much sorrow,
she having been widely known
throughout her section.
     The deceased is survived by three
sons, Rufus, John and Henry Hyler,
all well known men of the county.
She was a member of the Lutheran
church and was active in religious af-
     She will be buried tomorrow morn-
ing at 10 o'clock in Mt. Pleasant
churchyard, with funeral services by
her pastor, the Rev. O. C. Peter-

     It's interesting to note that she, and many of her family, are actually buried in the Beulah United Methodist Church Cemetery in Gilbert. According to their website, they have been in place since 1896. I've also been unable to verify if the Mount Pleasant Lutheran Church in Saluda even has a cemetery. So I'm not entirely sure what happened between the obituary and the burial or after, that provided the incorrect information. 

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