22 June 2010

The Price of Research in The South

It was recently announced that the price of vital records document requests will soon go up here in Georgia - for the second time in a year. All together, the cost of requesting these certificates will have gone up 150%! I thought I would put together a chart to show the different prices throughout the region.

The prices listed below are for records available through each state's vital records office. Not all years may be available at these locations and/or prices. Records that do not fit into the categories listed here are usually available through individual counties. Also, be sure to review each state's policy when "family only" restrictions are listed, as this term varies by state.

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$15; 1908-Present; Family only
$15; 1908-Present; 25 year restriction to family only
$15; 1936-Present
$15; 1950-Present
$12; Feb 1914-Present; Family only
$10; Feb 1914-Present; 50 year restriction to family only
$10; 1917-Present; Family only
$10; 1917-Present; Family only
$9; 1916-Present with limited availability from 1865; Family only with ID
$5; 1917-Present with limited availablility prior; 50 year restriction for COD or for family only
$5; Jun 1927-Present
$5; 1927-Present
$15 now, soon $25; 1919-Present; ID Required & family only
$15 now, soon $25; 1919-Present
$10; 1952-1996
$10; Search Only/No Copies
$6; 1911-Present
$6; 1958-Present
$6; 1958-Present
$15; 1907-Present; 100 year restriction & ID Required
$7; 1957-Present; 100 year restriction & ID Required
$5; 1957-Present; New Orleans Only
No Information
$15; Nov 1912-Present; ID Required & family only or for Genealogists after 100 years
$15; Nov 1912-Present; ID Required & family only or for Genealogist after 50 years
$15; 1926-Jul 1938 & Dec 1941-Present; ID Required & family only or for Genealogists after 100 years
$15; 1926-Jul 1938 & Dec 1942-Present; Search Only/No Copies
$24; 1913-Present; Possible family restrictions
$24; 1930-Present;  Possible family restrictions
$24; 1962-Present
$24; 1958-Present
$12; 1915-Present; ID Required
$12; 1915-Present; ID Required
$12; Jul 1950-Aug 2009
$14; Jul 1962-Dec 2008
$15; 1914-Present
$7; Available for past 50 Years
$15; Available for past 50 Years
$15; Available for past 50 Years
$12; 1853-1896 & Jun 1912-Present; ID Required & family only
$12; 1853-1896 & Jun 1912-Present; ID Required & family only
$12; 1853-Present; ID Required
$12; 1918-Present; ID Required

1 comment:

Amy Coffin, MLIS said...

Thanks for for taking the time to make the chart. Interesting how each state does it differently.

Louisiana Secretary of State has earlier death certificates (1911-1956) for $5. Someone also told me they were 50 cents in person in Baton Rouge, but I've never had the chance to find out for myself.


I've also found records for southern states for free at FamilySearch http://search.labs.familysearch.org


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