21 June 2010

Alice Budell Hooper is a Shocker

Lately, I've been seeking out local county government websites in an effort to find new genealogy resources. One that I've found is a Marriage License Record search available from the Greenville County, South Carolina probate court website. When I first found this database, I knew of a few family members that I might find listed, but could only find the marriage record for one of the couples (a Great-Aunt). I've checked back every few months to see if the database would be updated, and today I was rewarded - and surprised.

Mainly, I've been looking for the marriage license record of my grandparents, Roy and Betty (Huyler) Albea. I actually have their original marriage license in my records, but had found it odd that it was not listed in this database. Today I ran a search for 'Albea' and was rewarded with their listing, as well as one for Roy's father - which was an unexpected shock!

Roy's parents, Charles Vernon Albea and Mamie Auline Witt had divorced and lived in separate states. According to the family, Charles Vernon contracted tuberculosis while caring for his sister and died in 1947 in a sanitarium in at the early age of 44. His death certificate supports this information and even lists him as divorced with Auline as his wife. So I was very shocked to find a listing for Charles Vernon and a never heard of woman, Alice Budell Hooper. Who on earth is this woman? No one in the family had ever mentioned a second marriage, let alone this woman's name. I'm going to have to try and research her and send off for the marriage license to discover what this new information means.

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Greta Koehl said...

Neat mystery! Thanks also for mentioning this database. I had used it a long time ago but forgotten about it.


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