30 January 2010

More Confusion with FamilySearch Indexing

A little while ago I wrote a post about some issues I was having with FamilySearch Indexing. Most of those issues seems to have been fixed. Today, however, I came across a new issue.

I finished indexing a batch of census images and wanted to try something new. When picking a new batch to index, I generally sort by language and pick from the english projects. I decided to try South Africa, Cape Province - Church Records 1660-1970. They were listed as English, Advanced. Much to my surprise however, the record I was presented with was in Dutch!

I thought that I must have missed something when I selected the record - but no. I went back to the selection screen and this collection is listed as english. But if I check the FamilySearch Indexing website, the project details state that the records are in Afrikaans, Dutch and English. Hmmm... now why couldn't they list this information in the indexing program?

I have absolutely no knowledge of Dutch, but it seems to be very much like German. I was able to guess at the meanings of the words, but in the end decided to find a translator. Google's translator is very good. It translated what I typed as I typed and the results were grammatically correct.

I hope that FamilySearch Indexing will correct this error. If they don't, they may find that a lot of batches may be returned. However, having been able to successfully complete this Dutch record, I may try my hand at other foreign language documents.

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