04 April 2009

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - genealogy space

Another fun blog prompt from over at Genea-Musings. This weeks' challenge: show off your genealogy space.

First is my computer area. I have a laptop that is where I do all of my work. It's currently sitting at the end of the kitchen table. Most all of my physical files are also stored on my computer.

work area

Most of my other items are stored on a shelf in my bedroom. Yes, just one shelf. I'm very much a computer person and don't keep too many physical documents unless they are originals. My collection of books is very limited, but I hope to expand it. I try to back up my digital files in multiple places to make up for lack of a paper trail.

(click to see larger, with notes)

I also have one other shelf, filled with photo albums and a few year books. These are the albums of my grandparents, with my personal photos elsewhere.

photo albums

In general, I'm very happy with my space. It's a little spread out and I honestly have photos and documents in other places as well that need to be organized. For example, all of my maternal grandparents legal documents are in a cabinet in the living room. Half of that is old bank statements, duplicate legal documents and greeting cards that can be thrown out. It's just a matter of getting around to it...

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kinfolknews said...

I'm jealous! Your spaces are so neat. Thanks for sharing.


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