10 February 2014

Testing - What's Going On?

     I logged into blogger today and this blog was missing from my dashboard.  Then I noticed something new on the left side of the screen: underneath where it says "Your Blogs," there is now a link that says "Locked Blogs."  What?

     So I clicked and found this blog listed with a note saying that it "is in violation of Blogger's Terms Of Service."  That's all, no details provided.  What terms were violated?  

     I clicked a button that said "Request Unlock Review," but all that did was send a code to my phone which I entered online... Then nothing.  Some details would be appreciated here.

     So I'm posting this as something of a test.  Because, aside from being listed as locked, everything seems the same.  I don't know what's going on.  You'd think Blogger/Google would have contacted me, right?  This is frustrating.


Unknown said...

I can see your blog, seems fine to me!

Ruby Craft said...

You will definitely need to check this out. You don't want to lose your content like I did on my first blog.

Debi Austen said...

I can see it fine, too. Lose your content? YIKES!

Magda said...

So did you find out what happened ?

Unknown said...

I never found out what was wrong, but everything seems ok now. It was all very strange.


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