18 January 2014

Surname Saturday: C

     I've stollen this idea from Colleen Pasquale of the blog "Leaves & Branches."

     There are 4,390 people in my family tree, though only 244 of them are my direct ancestors.  On random Saturdays, I will post the surnames of my ancestors, organized alphabetically.
  • Campbell (1)
    • My 6th Great-Grandmother was Lucy Campbell.  I know of her through the Revolutionary War Pension records filed by her husband, John Cash, and later by herself and her children.  She was born about 1760 in Amherst County, Virginia and died in 1848 in Pike County, Georgia. 
  • Campbell (2)
    • My 5th Great-Grandmother was Mary Campbell (no known relation to the above mentioned Lucy).  Mary was born around 1785 in South Carolina and married Michael Garmon.  They lived together in Milton County, Georgia (now north Fulton County)
  • Cappleman
    • My 6th Great-Grandmother was Ann Catherine Cappleman, who was born around 1746 and lived in Newberry County, South Carolina with her husband, Petter Quattlebaum.
  • Cash
    • Stephen Cash was my 7th Great-Grandfather.  He was born around 1729 and lived in Amherst County, Virginia and died there in 1799.  He married Jemima Grinning.
  • Clegg
    • My 6th Great-Grandmother was Elizbeth Clegg, who married Jacob Timmerman.  She lived her life in Edgefield County, where she was born in 1778 and died in 1860.
  • Coogler
    • Regina Coogler was my 5th Great Grandmother.  She was born in 1762 and died in 1833.  She lived in South Carolina, likely Orangeburg District or Lexington County, with her husband, John Meetze.
  • Corley
    • Sarah Corley is my somewhat mysterious 3rd Great-Grandmother.  She was born in Georgia around 1843 and is believed to have died before 1880, which was when her husband, Thomas Albea, remarried.
  • Craft (1)
    • My 5th Great-Grandfather was John Craft, born around 1774 in Granville, North Carolina.  He married Mary "Polly" Moss and they moved to Elbert County, Georgia.
  • Craft (2)
    • My 4th Great-Grandfather was William J Craft, who was born about 1803 in Elbert County, Georgia.  Some researchers have him listed as the son of the above mentioned John Craft, but I have doubts (although I'm sure they are related in some way).  William married Sarah Cash (great-grandaughter of the above mentioned Stephen Cash).
  • Crapps
    • My 5th Great-Grandfather was George Crapps of Lexington County, South Carolina.  He was born around 1770 and died in 1847.  He married Barbara Crim.
  • Crim
    • Speak of the devil.  Barbara Crim, wife of George Crapps (surprise!), was born around 1777 and died in 1849 in Lexington County, South Carolina.
  • Cummings
    • Jenney May Cummings was my 6th Great-Grandmother.  She married Jeremiah Wilcher and they lived together in Glascock County, Georgia (also possibly Jefferson County, GA).

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