18 April 2013

I Used To Play Cello

     I was going through a pile of old clothes today and came across this shirt:

     This shirt is from Richards Middle School where I played cello in orchestra.  Originally I wanted to play viola and my sister wanted to play bass, but my parents could only afford one instrument.  We met in the middle and picked the cello.

     I don't remember being very good at it, but I did have fun.  We played things like the theme from The Muppet Show and Forest Gump, as well as Christmas songs and the perennial school classic: Pomp and Circumstance.  We also got to watch movies like the Sound of Music and Mr Holland's Opus and went on field trips to watch other orchestras perform.  And of course, we did concerts.  I don't remember how many we did, but probably between two and four a year.  

     After sixth grade we ditched the blue shirts and wore white button ups and black dress pants.  We stopped playing when we entered high school and I couldn't even begin to try and play anything now.  It was a great experience though, and I'm glad I got the chance to do it.

     Here's the sixth grade orchestra photo from my yearbook. I'm on the second to the back row, all the way to the right and my sister is directly in front of me. 


Ruby Craft said...

Thanks Valerie. I enjoyed reading about your memories on orchestra. I remember when you both use to take turns practicing. Of course I thought you were both wonderful!

Kristin said...

My Uncle Henry played the cello all the way through high school. He still used to play now and then as an adult. My daughter has his cello now, although she doesn't play. One of my granddaughters plays bass in the middle school band.

www.HungarianFamilyRecord.org said...

Love this memory of music lessons !

From a mom of a musical house (trumpet, double bass, piano and a rock band )


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