23 July 2012

A New DNA Cousin Match

     I discovered a new DNA cousin match today at 23andMe. The account that I run for my cousin Anne was contacted by Charles. He and I are predicted 5th cousins in the Relative Finder results, while he and Anne are predicted 4th cousins. I accepted the request and saw the exact DNA segments that we shared. He and Anne share more DNA than he and I share:

     Charles had contacted Anne when he recognized the Cash and Campbell surnames from her profile.  I sent him our family tree and he quickly recognized our connection: Moses Cash and Nancy Hudson.  I'm descended from their daughters, Elizabeth and Sarah; Anne from Sarah; Charles from Mary. Charles and Anne are fifth cousins while Charles and I are fifth cousins once removed. I drew this chart to show the relationship:

     It's interesting that even though I should have more Cash DNA than Annette and Charles, they are more closely related genetically. In the end, it's all about how much DNA we have in common.

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