13 May 2012

Mother's DNA

     Having tested my mom, her paternal aunt and a female paternal cousin, I have mtDNA results for three different lines in my family tree. Remember that mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is passed down from mothers to their children, both male and female. The female children then in turn pass it down to their children. Thus, everyone has mtDNA, regardless of gender.

     The only "major" maternal line I'm missing is my paternal grandmother's. Since I have my dad's DNA "on file" at ftDNA, I could find it out if I wanted to spend the money.

Evans - J1c2c

Britt - ?

Witt - H3

Albea - U5a1b1

     I'm interested in all aspects of DNA, but really haven't done much with my mtDNA results. MtDNA can be harder to trace, since it doesn't follow a single surname and it changes much less often than yDNA, which can lead to very distant matches.  It can still be useful though... I just haven't used it.

     Two sets of results, Evans and Witt, were obtained through 23andMe, which does not provide details, such as markers, matches with other users or public member groups.  I really don't have any reason not to pursue my Albea results at ftDNA, which does provide all of those features.

     At the least, I can see where I might eventually trace these maternal lines to in Europe.

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