20 December 2011

DNA: The Wait Is On, Again

     First off, I've decided that I've spent more than enough money on DNA tests this year (over $900!).  Even having gotten every single test on sale and having not paid for one test personally, that's a whole lot of money... which I could have put to more practical use... Oh well! The good thing is, I got a lot of relatives tested. Also, not all the results are in yet so I still have more info forthcoming.

     On December 14th I received emails from both Family Tree DNA and 23andMe that my kits had been received.  At ftDNA I'm testing the Y-DNA my first cousin twice removed, Lewis Waters. At 23andMe I'm testing the autosomal DNA of my double cousin, Anne Barfield Brown. On my dad's side, Anne is both my 1st cousin twice removed and my 2nd cousin once removed.

   So, which test results will come in first? They are different types of tests, so it's not a true comparison on which company will be fastest. Regardless, I'm curious about how fast each company completes the test given the multiple upcoming holidays.

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