03 June 2011

RSS Feed Strangeness

    If you subscribe to this blog via a RSS Feed, such as Google Reader, you may have had a large number of strange posts come up. It looks like someone hacked the feed and is linking "blank" posts to another blog. I strongly encourage you NOT to click on these posts - I don't know what they'll lead you to. My blog itself is fine, but the feed has been taken over. I'm looking into having the problem fixed and apologize for the problem.

     Update: From reading Good Help Forums, I'm not the only one this happened to. It looks like some wires might have gotten crossed. It looks like the problem might be fixed, as my RSS feed is once again showing my own posts.

     2nd Update: Blogger has acknowledged the problem and reports that the issue should be resolved:


Carol said...

I'm getting very strange feeds via google reader, but, believe me, they are NOT blank, they lead to a blog in a language I cannot read. I did not subscribe to this blog.

Carol said...

And, the reader now reads different, and yes, your blog is indicated.

I hate the evil ones!

Sarah Farr said...

Wow, yeah I had 24 blog posts from some other blog. Hopefully everything is fixed soon!


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