14 September 2008

SMGF results are in!

I found our SMGF results last night. Dad & I took SMGF's free DNA test last November and our results have only just appeared. Since the test was free, we really don't get much out of it. You can search your results if you found your marker via another test, otherwise you search by surname. I had to search back to my Great-Great Grandmother because some of the individuals are protected for privacy.

Once you find the results, you can compare them to others that pop up. For my mtDNA results, there don't seem to be any close matches for 'Garman' (my GGG-Grandmother):

my mtdna

Dad's yDNA was found by searching for his markers. There are a few close matches:

Dad's y-chrom dna

Then, there's his mtDNA results:

dad's mtdna

So, I'm not sure that I really got anything out of this - but it's nice to see something finally posted.

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