30 April 2008

DNA Testing

It's been five months since Dad & I sent off a DNA test to the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation (SMGF). We still haven't received any results back. Since it's a free service they make no guarantees on when you'll receive results, and I've found reviews that state that it can take a year! Even then you only see your results online in comparison to other testers.

Since the government is being nice enough to give us some free money, I decided to use part of my economic stimulus money to take a DNA test. As a female I have two options: 1) take a mtDNA test that follows a straight line of female ancestors or, 2) have a male relative (my dad) take a Y-chromosome test to research a straight line of male ancestors. I decided to go ahead and have my Dad do the test and trace my direct paternal line.
I also had to choose a test company. After some research I decided to go with Family Tree DNA and a 67 marker Y-chromosome test (Y-DNA67). I joined a surname project, which saved me money, but it still cost $271 (down from $349 without joining a group).

I'm supposed to receive the test in a week and the results within about seven weeks.

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