02 November 2007

Want to try DNA family genealogy but find it too expensive? Try SMG. Here's some info on a *free* service:

"Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation is a non-profit foundation that is creating the world's leading collection of DNA results and corresponding genealogies. We are making the collection available on-line to the public to help in finding new family connections and extending one's genealogy. SMGF is not affiliated with any other commercial organizations, religious institutions, or other DNA testing projects.

Due to the nature of our project, you will not receive your DNA results directly back from SMGF. However, your results and genealogy will be added to the Sorenson database, and you can find them by searching for your surname and looking at related family trees.

Simply go to our Search page and enter your surname of interest. You may also choose to enter known DNA test results or to use default DNA values. See the Help section of the Search page for more information.

The Results of your search will show the values for all participants that match your search criteria. In general, a higher match (e.g. 35/36 instead of 34/36) means a closer genealogical connection. We also provide links to pedigree charts and the Time to Most Common Ancestor (TMRCA) for closely matching results. The TMRCA and Results pages show further information to help with interpretation."

Update: as of April 29, I still have no results

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